Dear Tallulah…

Dear Tallulah Today was a bad day. I knew last night when I put you to bed and you cried with tummy ache & feeling sick today was going to be a bad day. You see, that tummy ache & feeling of sickness that keeps interrupting your world isn’t an illness like you think, its […]

Thank you SAFE

On this exact day 12 years ago my home was a women’s refuge in Exeter. During my time there I saw and learned many things that have stayed with me to this day. I learned that over half the women staying there at that time, myself included, would return to the volatile relationships they’d fled […]


Last night I felt butterflies of anxiety in my tummy. I climbed out of my bed and into Betsy’s… At the exact same time that I pulled her body into mine somebody’s child was murdered. As I sniffed the back of her neck and kissed her shoulder a parent was about to learn that their […]

Maternal Mental Health Day

  Once upon a time when my first baby was born I took a knife to bed with the full intention of killing my partner. It was Christmas 2004 and three months earlier I had given birth to my first precious daughter, I was also helping to raise my three beautiful step-daughters aged 3,4 & […]

New Campaign

I have been working with four babies who were last week removed from their home under an Emergency Protection order and placed with a family member. These four children were residing with one biological parent and one step-parent who are now on remand in prison. I have read reports that have made me cry and […]

Meeting with Con…

Blogging for me has always felt a bit like when my first kid started Primary school when I walked into the playground on the first day of term. She didn’t get her chosen placement at the school I wanted so was brand new as she hadn’t been to the pre-school the previous year. That ball […]

Parent Alienation

    My parents separated when I was four years old. My mum left our family home and was replaced three weeks later by my step-mother. Last year my Therapist asked me to explain what I remember from my childhood after my mum left. This is what I told her…. “I remember the phone-calls from […]

Best friends

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived in a huge house in the country with her mum & dad & three older siblings. She began pre-school when she was three years old, there she met another little girl called Leila and they became best friends immediately. Their mums got on well […]

On Saturday night I posted a ‘Dear Josh’ letter… This letter was written for fun, totally humorous. Any of you that know me will know Josh wouldn’t know how to raise his voice at me and I certainly am not afraid to tell him anything for fear of his reaction… What did piss me off […]

Happy Mothers Day

Dear Mum You & I are inseparable. You are my best friend. I tell you everything and we speak every day. For reasons I still don’t fully know you sure you left me when I was 4. My brother Matt was 9, my sister Leisa was 14 & my brother John was 18. You chose […]