Best friends

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived in a huge house in the country with her mum & dad & three older siblings. She began pre-school when she was three years old, there she met another little girl called Leila and they became best friends immediately. Their mums got on well […]

On Saturday night I posted a ‘Dear Josh’ letter… This letter was written for fun, totally humorous. Any of you that know me will know Josh wouldn’t know how to raise his voice at me and I certainly am not afraid to tell him anything for fear of his reaction… What did piss me off […]

Happy Mothers Day

Dear Mum You & I are inseparable. You are my best friend. I tell you everything and we speak every day. For reasons I still don’t fully know you sure you left me when I was 4. My brother Matt was 9, my sister Leisa was 14 & my brother John was 18. You chose […]

Lets educate our kids…

Imagine being fourteen years old and waking up on Christmas morning not thinking for one minute you would ever get the customised bike you’d dreamed of for so long…but there it was, because your mum had worked her butt off for months beforehand to give you that dream present because you are her entire world. […]

My baby can choose…

On Thursday night I went to Betsy’s school options evening where we met all the teachers and spoke about her GCSE subject choices. I watched so many parents ‘tell’ their children what subjects they’d be taking, informing them what they need to study to do well in life and I’ve been thinking about it every […]

The Shopping Trip

As a rule Josh & I don’t do the food shop together..mainly because he turns into a stingy twat and I like to pretend I’m a multi-millionaire…I spend the whole time ignoring the fact I’m way too far in my overdraft filling the trolley with ridiculous luxury items no fucker needs whilst he takes them […]

The Daily Routine

Some days I really wish Josh was at home to help me in the mornings with the school runs before I go to work… After today I will never, ever wish that again. My usual routine, that I do every school day goes like this; My alarm goes off at 6.30am and the four eldest […]

People’s Choice for Unsung Hero

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all….I’m really crap at keeping secrets but this is an exciting one so it was worth keeping….no, I’m not pregnant  Instead, I have been asked by a company called Towergate Insurance to get involved in their annual care awards, actually – not just get involved, but in-fact they’ve […]

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a mummy who couldn’t handle her drink.  About 3 Saturday nights a year she got babysitters for all 5 sprogs & went out. It was a night where she got so excited so she downed alcohol like she was a teenager…cocktails & wine & beer, mixing it all up […]