The Shopping Trip

As a rule Josh & I don’t do the food shop together..mainly because he turns into a stingy twat and I like to pretend I’m a multi-millionaire…I spend the whole time ignoring the fact I’m way too far in my overdraft filling the trolley with ridiculous luxury items no fucker needs whilst he takes them […]

The Daily Routine

Some days I really wish Josh was at home to help me in the mornings with the school runs before I go to work… After today I will never, ever wish that again. My usual routine, that I do every school day goes like this; My alarm goes off at 6.30am and the four eldest […]

People’s Choice for Unsung Hero

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all….I’m really crap at keeping secrets but this is an exciting one so it was worth keeping….no, I’m not pregnant  Instead, I have been asked by a company called Towergate Insurance to get involved in their annual care awards, actually – not just get involved, but in-fact they’ve […]

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a mummy who couldn’t handle her drink.  About 3 Saturday nights a year she got babysitters for all 5 sprogs & went out. It was a night where she got so excited so she downed alcohol like she was a teenager…cocktails & wine & beer, mixing it all up […]

Can lack of sleep kill you?

Today I had a mum of one message me to say she thinks she’s going crazy. This is what I told her…. The first years of having your first baby are hard. It’s hard whether your baby was delivered out of your (now ruined) fanny, by C-section, if you’ve adopted or you’ve had an IVF […]

Breaking point

Today I’ve received a message from a lady at breaking point.  She told me her 15 year old step-daughter hates her, she’s had a huge row with her husband because he always sides with his daughter and his ex-wife continues to call him making accusations about how their daughter is being treated and her Christmas […]


So, I let the kids choose what family activity we should do together. They chose swimming. Bastard swimming… I spend 40 minutes packing the mountain of towels, costumes, shorts, shit toys that sink to the bottom of the pool that no-one actually swims down to collect, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, talc (to speed up the […]

Can you help refugees in Kent?

I have been contacted by several refugees across Kent to say they have many warriors being re-housed over the UK and they have nothing to make their houses homes. They are looking for new items; kettles, toasters, cutlery etc. One charity has allowed me to use their safe PO box address for you to send […]

The Warriors

This is one of my first warriors that contacted me through my page last year. She has now become one of my best friends and yesterday she drove all the way from London with her tiny 6 month old baby boy to spend New Year with our family. Jo, I am so so proud at […]