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Rachaele HambletonI am a Part-time working mummy to 3 daughters, I am a fiance to Josh and a step-mummy to his two sons who live with him full-time. This is my brutally honest blog about how being a parent and a partner give you the best and worst times of your life.

Where it all began

Well, what can I say – I love writing and spreading happiness through my rants to all my fellow parents out there, but I did not expect my posts to go viral worldwide! The Daily Mail were the first to pick up my rants, followed by The Telegraph,  The Mirror, ITV and even Jeremy Vine of BBC Radio 2. I realised my rants could help spread viral happiness through all of the negativity on social media, and bring parents together to support each other through all the shit that life throws at us!

Support Network

Please make use of the forums – these are designed to allow you to ask questions, have a rant, and support one another through parenting and relationship woes.

We’ve also provided a Meetup section, where you can browse / create your own event and meet up with fellow mummies / parents in your area, have a coffee, a rant and laugh!


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