Best friends

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived in a huge house in the country with her mum & dad & three older siblings.
She began pre-school when she was three years old, there she met another little girl called Leila and they became best friends immediately. Their mums got on well and the two girls played together every day, sitting on the front porch eating strawberry laces and telling each other tales.
When they started primary school the little girls parents separated, her mummy moved far away and her world was turned upside down, her two eldest siblings left home immediately and she learned to live with a broken heart.
Luckily this little girl still had her best friend Leila and her mum Sammi became her surrogate mum.
Sammi treated the little girl like her own and she showered her with love and affection. She took her along on all their family holidays from Somerset and Furteventura. She taught her how to bake, she read her stories at bedtime and most importantly she spoke about her mummy – and what an amazing lady she still was – she made it ok for the little girl to miss her and she reassured her things would be ok – every single day.
When the little girls mum visited Sammi would do the handovers when her mum had to leave, this meant she would hold her tiny body as she convulsed with sobs on the pavement when her mum drove away to restraining her as an angry teenager trying to chase the car down the road in a fit of rage, still holding her tightly and reminding her how very loved she was.
She gave this little girl the happiest childhood memories possible and she was the most selfless lady to walk this earth.

The little girl grew up into a teenager and because of things remaining pretty rubbish at home she rebelled and managed to turn her life into a bit of a shit storm.
Throughout all of this her best friend Leila was always there for her & so was her amazing mum….they always reminded her their house was still hers, although she didn’t visit as much now. They tried to involve themselves in what she was up to, although she now excluded them through shame and embarrassment.

These two little girls are now middle aged women….
…and whilst I am a mother of lots of tiny turds, I’ve remained in the same home town we grew up in and I’ve worked my way up the ladder in one company to get my career, Leila left school for Brighton University, she worked her arse off and went onto get amazing career in Central London and is now purchasing her first property there.
Today these two little girls met for breakfast in London after not seeing each other for many years, and despite their lives being so very different in every aspect it was like they’d never been apart….they laughed until they cried and had an emotional goodbye at the train station.

….and that amazing mum of hers? She sent me a message just last week to ask when I’m going round for a cup of tea because she misses me, and she reminded me how of loved I am.

Sometimes Guardian angels walk into our lives disguised as ordinary women and they make such a huge difference that you could never, ever thank them enough 💜


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