The Shopping Trip

As a rule Josh & I don’t do the food shop together..mainly because he turns into a stingy twat and I like to pretend I’m a multi-millionaire…I spend the whole time ignoring the fact I’m way too far in my overdraft filling the trolley with ridiculous luxury items no fucker needs whilst he takes them […]

The Daily Routine

Some days I really wish Josh was at home to help me in the mornings with the school runs before I go to work… After today I will never, ever wish that again. My usual routine, that I do every school day goes like this; My alarm goes off at 6.30am and the four eldest […]


So, I let the kids choose what family activity we should do together. They chose swimming. Bastard swimming… I spend 40 minutes packing the mountain of towels, costumes, shorts, shit toys that sink to the bottom of the pool that no-one actually swims down to collect, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, talc (to speed up the […]