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    Just recently my youngest (7 yr old) daughters attitude stinks. She can be horrendous with it. I think she’s picking it up off a girl in her class. Unfortunately she just wants to play with this girl who I really can’t abide. She’s left to scream and shout and generally cause havoc. Her mother NEVER tells her off and in her eyes the girl can do no wrong. Does anyone have any ideas how I can steer my daughter away from her?



    Quick example. In playground after school and youngest asks if she can go in the park. I tell her no and the friend who can do no wrong tells her “just come in the park anyway, it doesn’t matter”
    My daughter looked across at me and realised that she would be pushing just a little too far so doesn’t bother.
    When we’re on our way home I asked her why she didn’t do what her friend had said and she said “because it would have been naughty”. Maybe I’m starting to get through!



    Sounds just like my 6 year old! Previously adorable, has now become a stroppy teenager. We invited ‘the friend’ round for tea – safe to say he won’t be invited again in a hurry! Guess we can’t keep them away from others at school but hopefully gentle reminders about expectations will get through 😄



    My 9 year old has just come out the other end of this! one night I put to bed my little angel, the next morning a little devil child had replaced her in the night.
    Keep your messages to her simple, precise and consistent. Don’t give in. Chat about the other child’s behaviour in a general context, “could you imagine if we had no rules, what if you decided to do anything you wished, against what I’ve told you to do, what if you went to the park alone when I’ve asked you not to, what if you fell off the slide and got hurt etc…” my daughter knows that we don’t ask her to do things (or not do things) because were awful parents, its because her best interest is at heart.
    Its so hard when they push your buttons though!!
    Good Luck! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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