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    My last born is having her taster session in reception tomorrow!! 😢😩

    When did they grow up so fast!!!??

    I decided to become a full time mum when my first born arrived nearly 7 years ago, now my youngest is due to start school I’ve no idea what I’ll do with myself!

    Feeling totally lost. 😕



    sure seems to fly by. hope she enjoys it 🙂



    Another baby? 😜



    Dear Lillyandella

    My youngest (of 4) is now 6 and starts Yr 2 in September. (Number 3 starts Yr 3, number 2 starts Yr 9 and number 1 starts Yr 13).

    I became a full-time mummy (during the day at least) when number 4 came along. I started a part-time evening job when he was about 8 months old. When he started school 2 years ago, I promised myself a bit of time to get the house back in order – or at least clean! Then, just before school broke up as he was due to start in September, I was asked to help out for 6 weeks at school whilst a TA was off on sick leave. I’m still there 2 years later. I never got the house in any sort of order and I think I’ve given up now!

    The point of my ramble is, please try to enjoy the time that you have ‘to yourself’ (we all know it isn’t really, there’s always washing, cleaning, shopping and all that other stuff to do) whilst your little ones are at school. I promise you, you will not feel lost for long! You have given yourself to your children everyday for all of their lives until this point – it’s time to remember who YOU are.

    You don’t have to slave away in the house all the time they are at school. Use some of the time for you; read, knit, sew, exercise, shop (but not groceries!)

    Do these things and enjoy your little ones all the more when they get home.

    Hope this helps xx

    PS Does anyone understand what all those little buttony-things at the top of the reply space are for??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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