Lets educate our kids…

Imagine being fourteen years old and waking up on Christmas morning not thinking for one minute you would ever get the customised bike you’d dreamed of for so long…but there it was, because your mum had worked her butt off for months beforehand to give you that dream present because you are her entire world.

This is exactly what happened to one of our Crew’s son. He was totally made up and so was she when she saw his face.

Yesterday, that same boy watched his ‘friends’ throw his bike in a river, even though he is not a strong swimmer, without thinking he jumped into to try and pull it out…upon trying to climb back out of the river these ‘friends’ blocked every one of his exit routes, whilst filming him panicking on their mobile phones as they continued to laugh and egg each other on. They then shared it all over social media and between each other.

What would make any child be so cruel? What would any normal human get from seeing another person panic so much. Why would anyone want to ruin another persons belongings that they know meant so much to them?

What if if the current was stronger, what if he slipped? The list of ‘what if’s’ continues to run through my mind along with an overwhelming feeling of heartache for him, for his mum that she was unable to protect him and how she now goes on to make things better now.
Then there is the overwhelming sense of rage that I feel towards these kids, one I don’t want to feel yet I can’t help it because I am human and this is so cruel. I have no idea how she must be feeling, because this is her son – her baby that she would die and kill for in a second without question and she is currently watching him in so much pain. Yet she has no idea how to make things better…and she has no idea if they will worsen.

Unfortunately there has been too many times where the ‘what ifs’ have happened. Teenagers have died, that’s the reality.
And ultimately there are children out there doing this – children that belong to us. Children that we parent. Children that we are raising.
Please share, show your children, show your nephew, your niece, your younger sister or brother. Educate them. It needs to stop.
Lives are being destroyed – every single day.

Please share this, please help make it better, these kids are our future.

This young lad is in too much fear of things worsening. His bike is trashed and he is offering to use his impending birthday money to replace it as he feels so bad on his mum. He didn’t want to me to use his name but if anyone wants to send some nice emails to his mum to pass onto him she would be really greatful….she has set up this email address: Beaniebugs03@gmail.com

Thank you 💙💙

**Edit**I’ve now had over 1000 emails asking to donate for a new bike. His mum hasn’t asked for this but I’d love to help treat him so if you want to donate to the PTWM fund for DV warriors I’ll pass on for a new bike what we get and if we’re over I’ll continue to donate to DV charities – link here http://www.gofundme.com/ptwm-crew-fund-for-da-warriors **


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