My baby can choose…

On Thursday night I went to Betsy’s school options evening where we met all the teachers and spoke about her GCSE subject choices.
I watched so many parents ‘tell’ their children what subjects they’d be taking, informing them what they need to study to do well in life and I’ve been thinking about it every day since.

Where I understand we all raise our children’s differently, ultimately to reach the same goal to get the best for our children I am not that parent that is ever going to ‘tell’ any of my children what subjects they’re expected to study.

I’m not that parent because I hated learning, I suffered with horrendous anxiety when I didn’t understand certain things and I left school without taking any GCSE’s so I had nothing but zero qualifications & bad memories. I immediately went into full-time work because the thought of learning in a classroom setting at College or uni gave me those same horrid feelings. Despite not doing well at school I’ve gone onto have a Senior Management role & I’ve always worked hard for what I have.

I am not that parent because I don’t believe for a child to succeed in life it has to be in the classroom.
Betsy trains at gym most weeknights and every Saturday, when she’s not training she’s volunteered to be a Young leader at her gym. Her coach emailed me recently to tell me how pleased everyone at the gym is with what she’s achieving. Instead of going down the park with all her mates or hanging out down the beach in the summer she is spending hours & hours helping other children improve their skills and in a years time she will sit her exams to be a qualified Gymnastics coach so she can be paid at a young age to do something she loves.
Seb trains every night at football, he never spends his weekends with his friends & he has accepted the fact he doesn’t get late nights like his friends because he’s chosen to travel all over the country playing matches against other teams. Last Friday he was presented with a Hero award in his school for excellent captaincy and respect. His teacher stopped us after the award was given to say he is the loveliest, kindest boy and when the keeper from the other team was knocked down twice and he pulled him up & shook his hand.
That’s what makes me see that my children will succeed in life.

And I am not that parent because seventeen years ago when I left school Social Media never existed. We had never heard of it, it was alien to us, it is now something that has made people billionaires. Millions of people all over the world have made careers and fortunes off something that was not around when I was leaving school. I have no idea what careers will be available when my children are of the age to be making choices & going into work, I imagine they maybe successful at something that right now I don’t even know exists….so right now my eldest baby has has the choice of choosing her GCSE subjects and it will be just that, her choice ❤️


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