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I have been working with four babies who were last week removed from their home under an Emergency Protection order and placed with a family member.
These four children were residing with one biological parent and one step-parent who are now on remand in prison.
I have read reports that have made me cry and seen pictures that steal my dreams in regard to the horrific abuse they have endured, in every manner possible.
Due to the way things are the Family member who’s now caring for these babies doesn’t receive any funding is for up to three weeks. The children’s school have been really supportive and purchased them all new uniforms but as they were removed during the night they were wearing just one set of clothes and they arrived with nothing else.

I was hoping to sort this without having to ask our crew, I was trying today to get them an emergency loan through their local authority but because of rules & regulations I have been unsuccessful.
On Saturday I transferred them some money to try and help put their little minds be put at ease but I am one person, I have a large family and I spend every month living  in my overdraft so as much as I wanted to transfer over my whole months wage I could only give them enough to get them a food shop, a new outfit & swimming costume each and pay for them to go swimming on Sunday. I have managed to get some stuff from my own friends/family for the two younger children but unfortunately not for the older ones.

I have today had the support of a Local business man who is happy for people to drop off/post items there that will be forwarded onto this family.
I have also set up a page to raise some money to keep them going over the next few weeks, anything will be appreciated. (If we exceed what this family needs the excess will be given between Domestic Abuse charities and two warriors I am currently trying to re-house out of refuge and another pregnant warrior who we have just re-housed but has the bare minimum).
If you are unable to help that is fine too, I have been there myself so I totally get it, but if you can spread the word that would be amazing.
The link is here:

I am desperately looking for the following please:

1. Girls clothes age 10-12. Shoes size 3. Hair & beauty products
2. Girls clothes age 8-19 . Shoe size 13. Hair accessories.
3.Toys suitable for the two children above.
4.Toys suitable for a boy aged 3
5.Toys suitable for a girl aged 5

It’s become apparent the children have not had any toys for the past three years so we are not really sure what they like 😰
During the time the authorities have worked with them they have shown an interest in the following: Teddys, nom-noms, shopkins, wildlife & history books for children and one is an avid Liverpool supporter.

Also, I’m after as many copies of these two books as possible to distribute to my warriors if anyone has a used copy or can post one to the address below that would be amazing:

Book 1 –

Book 2 –

All parcels made for the attention of PTWM and delivered to Enigma Signs, Unit 1-2 Yalberton Tor Industrial Estate, Alders Way, Paignton TQ4 7QN

Here they are with their feast on Saturday night – I wish I could share their little faces, they were grinning from ear to ear 😊

As always, thank you x



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