Pattern Change Programme

Today I was contacted with a screenshot of a message from a lady who is part of a private Domestic abuse group. 

The screenshot was from a young mum asking the other mums in similar situations how they were getting through Christmas living with the guilt that they couldn’t buy their babies many presents.

I recognised the mum instantly; infact I worked with her to get her into refuge, to keep her safe alongside the police, to ensure she was re-homed far enough away to be protected, to be reassured when she had alarms fitted throughout her new property.
This mum knows my page, she knows what our crew do for others yet despite that she didn’t ask us for her help…she just accepted that this year as well as felling like she’s ripped her babies worlds apart she was also going to have to get through Christmas without giving them any presents.

So today, I decided to post to you guys to get help for this gorgeous young Mummy of four princes….and as usual you’ve left me sat here crying happy tears.

In under 2 hours we’ve raised over £1000.
She’s also had the offer of presents from hundreds of you.

Only last Monday I met with the CEO Jacinta from Domestic Abuse charity ‘SAFE’, I was left devastated when she told me of the women desperately in need of a place on the ‘Pattern Change’ programme; this runs all over the UK and is crucial to their recovery – only the funding for this has been cut, and they are in dire need of donations to continue these programmes – donations I can now give to Charities & refuges throughout to UK thanks to the Go Fund Me page I set up with your help.

The beautiful girl from today’s post has tonight sent me a video of the reaction from her elder children when she told them because of the kindness of our crew she could promise them a Christmas they’d never forget.
I WISH I could share this with you, they’re sat in the bath screaming “THANK YOU SANTA AND PTWM CREW” but at this time it’s unsafe. I’ll transferring £1000 into her account as soon as the Go Fund Me page clears in 7 days.

This, you beautiful bastards, is what you call TEAMWORK ❤❤❤

To donate to the page to help these amazing warriors click here:
(I set the goal as £2000 as I never thought we’d reach it but the more we get the more I can donate) ❤

#AlwaysWinning 🙌🏼🙌🏼🎄🎄


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