People’s Choice for Unsung Hero

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all….I’m really crap at keeping secrets but this is an exciting one so it was worth keeping….no, I’m not pregnant 😂

Instead, I have been asked by a company called Towergate Insurance to get involved in their annual care awards, actually – not just get involved, but in-fact they’ve introduced an award that’s dedicated to our page and crew!

This makes me so proud as I feel it really shows just how far we (that’s all of us!) have come in raising awareness for issues and charities close to our hearts.

The Towergate Care Awards will include this new category – Part-Time Working Mummy – People’s Choice for Unsung Hero. 

This is a brand new award category for 2017. I am honoured to be involved as it is about celebrating real people who contribute positively to the British care industry.

This award is for anybody who goes above and beyond for another/others. Whether you go above and beyond to care for a child, a neighbour, a parent.

I know from the messages in my inbox and the comments on my posts there are so many of you out there, so many people who put the needs of others before their own on a daily basis.


What’s in it for you lot? 
You get to nominate anyone you think is a hero and worthy of this award by visiting
Plus, once we have a shortlist you will get to vote for the winner – so it really will be the people’s choice award.
You will then get to see me rocking up to a ridiculously posh hotel in central London looking like Nervous Norris presenting the award.

What’s in it for me? 
I get to read your nominations, Ill be a part of the judging panel and help choose who is worthy of this amazing award.
I then get to spend an evening with some of the world’s most amazing, caring people at the ceremony, I get to meet Denise Van Outen and look like an over-excited twat when I tell her that we have a kid with the same name as each other. I get lose my shit with Josh when he thinks he’s a London tour Guide but has in fact got us lost on the underground (again). I get to attempt to arrive on time and try not to go into a full meltdown at the thought of presenting this award, on a stage, in front of a shitload of people #winning

What’s in it for us? 
Our page gets its first piece of genuine recognition, which I believe is well deserved for all the hard work, support and love we show one another.
We are able to raise more awareness for people and causes that we believe in and we will be a part of something amazing.

So, there are 9 other awards in total, to make a nomination for any of these please click this link:

To make a nomination for our award click here:…/part-time-working-mu…

Please, please nominate if you know of anyone worthy & please share this link with as many people as possible so we can generate lots of entries for our award. Let’s give recognition to those who deserve it most.

The shortlist will be announced in early March 2017 when it will be time for us to vote.

Thanks for all your support, as always 💜



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