SAFE Domestic Abuse Charity

Last Monday I was invited to SAFE domestic abuse charity to meet with CEO Jacinta and her team. 

They wanted to show me the amount of gifts you all sent in last month after my campaign, as usual, your kindness turned me into an emotional wreck within minutes…what the team are now able to achieve with the children through trauma play due to your generosity is amazing.

Before I left I donated £500 from the proceeds of the calendars & wine glasses to SAFE; I did this for two reasons.
Firstly because I was blown away by the passion and dedication of the SAFE Team, despite having their funding cut massively they remain desperate to make a change.
Secondly, because once upon a time, before their Women’s Refuge was taken away and closed down it was my home..a home where I was shown love & support by that team at a time that was crucial to mine & my baby’s well-being.

Story here:…/story-29…/story.html

SAFE have just launched their new website, it’s amazing – full of brilliant advice, stories and videos . Please check it out..donate if you can, but if not that’s ok too…give it a share.
Link here:

And once again, THANK YOU, none of this would be possible if I was doing it alone ❤



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