Most days Betsy hates being the big sister.

She has two younger sisters who constantly trash her room, steal her limited-edition sharpie pens, trot about the house in her expensive leotards and wake her up each morning way before she’s ready.

She has two younger brothers that always guess her iPhone password and prank call her friends, send love messages to any boys names they can find in her contact list and make dens in her room that she only finds out about when she crawls into bed and finds all her sheets covered in roast beef monster-munch crumbs!

This year the school curriculum has changed.

Seven year olds now have to undertake SATS – this has sent Tallulah’s anxiety into overdrive.

Tonight, I got home from work – whilst I was bathing Edie, arguing with Seb over XBox Fifa points and burning sausages beyond an edible state Betsy arrived home with 3 of her friends to get ready to train for gym when she found her little sister silently sobbing at the table because she’s so worried about the exams.

Betsy didn’t go to gym training; instead, she waved her friends off and she sat at the table with her baby sister for almost 2 hours helping her with her test papers – explaining how to get her timings right to read and answer the questions. She did her spelling and punctuation sheets and ended it by reassuring her that she is the cleverest little girl in the world and she will be just fine.

Because of that Tallulah is no longer an emotional wreck pretending to have every illness known to man so she gets to stay off school – instead she’s waltzing about the house making me look like a moron because I don’t know all the definition of words like ‘idle’ and ‘nature’.

Tonight Betsy didn’t hate being the big sister – tonight she was the BEST big sister in the world 🌍 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩



  1. They can be so lovely occasionally when they want to be. Other times they can be nasty little mares. This brought a tear to my eye. You should be very proud of Betsy. Xx

  2. That is amazing what a beautiful & caring girl you have raised you should both me very proud

  3. You should be extremelyproud of your daughter which no doubt you are of course. She is growing up to be suck a kind and respectful individual.

    I have 4 girls and a step son and all mine seem to do is argue

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