Last week I posted about a lady that was coming out of refuge that needed some help, since then we have raised over £6,000.

Because these are your hard earned pennies and I remain overwhelmed & forever grateful to all of you I thought it would be good for you guys to know where its going…

So we gave the first £1000 as promised to the lady the original post was about.

Since then I have donated the funds to a lady just out of refuge in Northern Ireland – she too received hundreds of toys sent to her from you guys to make her babies Christmas special.

I was contacted by 3 refuges who have women & children that have fled countries; they have been left that unsafe & unsupported that they had no option but to leave their homeland – because of this they get just over £40 a week in food vouchers, they are not yet entitled to any help in the way of money meaning their babies have no toys or clothes other than what people have donated so we are in the process of helping these ladies with funds.

I had the lady looking for a property in Southampton; I was contacted by a firm based in Southampton called GJ Property service with the offer to help with any work needed free of charge and I have also dealt with the loveliest estate agent who continues to work tirelessly for free to find her a perfect property…amazing.
I have donated some of the funds to this lady also.

I have now begun woking with a charity called VOICES.
This was set up in 2014 by survivors of Domestic abuse. They are based in Bath and help other warriors get through – offering them crucial support & advice.
Because they are on the front line, they also are on the brink of closing due to needing public donations to stay open I have decided to gift some of the funds to them.
Website here: http://www.voices-uk.org

The final person I have helped is a lovely chap called Aron – he works with Community Central, which is a non-profit organisation and works in some of the most deprived areas of Leeds; I came across him when I saw a post where he was asking for grocery vouchers for a lady in refuge. I have agreed to help so the funds he has received he is passing on and we are meeting up after Christmas to discuss future projects.
He has asked if anyone is wanting to get into work in the area or donate to them direct to contact him on aron_communitycentral@outlook.com or call 07930237962

This morning I received an email which left me with a heavy heart…it was sent from a mum, wanting to tell me that on Tuesday night another mum from her children’s school, her friend, was beaten to death by her partner in front of their two year old toddler. She also leaves behind older children.
She had no idea her friend was a victim of Domestic abuse and is left in shock at how in this day and age she could have kept it so well hidden…
…she ended her email by asking me to continue this fight to end Domestic Violence & abuse…and I promised her because of situations like this I wouldn’t ever stop.

If anyone wants to donate to the page please do so here:http://www.gofundme.com/ptwm-crew-fund-for-da-warriors

Thank you for your continued support…despite the hurt in my heart for the horrendous things that happen and the warriors that didn’t make it I know that this week alone we have helped save the lives of several women and babies and that leaves me feeling happy inside – we’re winning people.



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